Custom Audio, Video and Wi-Fi Solutions for Your Home or Business

Affordable, simple, and easy-to-use audio and video solutions for your Sunshine Coast home or business.

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Save time and energy with a custom, professional audio and video solutions for your home or office.

Whether you are after public address systems, projectors for boardrooms, digital signage for shops, bars, clubs, or restaurants, Connect Multimedia has the expertise you need. We can design and build a suitable system that both meets your needs and matches your budget.

Listed below are the main areas we offer our services.

JBN Sound Ceiling

JBN Sound Ceiling systems deliver high quality sound targeted to the areas where you want it. Perfect for dance floors in commercial venues, pubs, clubs, and restaurants.

Projectors & Presentation Systems

Connect Multimedia can design in-house or portable presentation systems that are reliable and easy to use. Our systems are suitable for classrooms, lectern halls, churches, and function centres. These presentation systems minimise distractions during presentations to increase uptake of learning.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is an audio-visual system used to display useful information in the form of photos, live or pre-recorded video, web content, animated text, or PowerPoint presentations. Digital Signage can be used for shop displays, cafe menu boards, information kiosks, factory status displays, photo gallery displays for showrooms, PowerPoint presentations for trade shows, and message boards for schools and businesses.

Data Cabling

Data cabling for offices, schools and residential projects is the backbone of a reliable network. Connect Multimedia is accredited with an Open registered cabling license and has accreditations for Cat5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A and Coax cable installations.

PA, Sound Systems and Microphone Systems

From large public address sound systems to small multimedia or boardroom sound systems, Connect Multimedia covers all aspects of sound system design. We design, supply and install for bars, clubs, restaurants, gyms, schools, boardrooms and seminar rooms.

Acoustic Treatment

A lot of people think that acoustic treatment is “soundproofing” a room so you cannot hear what’s going on outside.
This is just one aspect of acoustic treatment. The other is providing balance to the frequency spectrum of the room to ensure the sound is being reproduced exactly as it was intended to be heard.
By placing custom built acoustic baffles, diffusers and bass traps into a room, a $5000 sound system can sound like a million dollars. Most people are stunned by the difference that the acoustic treatment has on their media room or listening space and agree that spending as little as $3000 on the room was a fantastic investment.

Most frequent questions and answers

Sound emanates from your speakers and strikes your ears, but also continues past your ears and bounces off the surfaces of your walls, floor, and ceiling. This reflected sound distorts and exaggerates the soundscape, making a room sound boomy or muddy and muffling the sound of dialogue.
Our custom-made acoustic baffles on your walls and ceiling can eliminate these adverse effects. The result is crisp, clear dialogue which is balanced with the music and sound effects in the feature film or high-definition sound source.
Our custom-built Bass Traps have a similar effect to tighten the bass response of your system to increase its power and focus. This does not mean that your system is louder. Rather, it makes it more even and pleasing to the ears. Your front and rear speakers will also express positional detail like you have never heard before. The result is more realistic sound experiences.

Would a recording studio mix your precious music in a space that had not been acoustically treated? Of course not.
People spend thousands of dollars on amazing speaker systems, award winning amplifiers, high-definition DVD / SACD players and expensive speaker cables. But when it comes to treating the acoustic space of the room, it’s another story altogether.
Quality audio equipment combined with carefully designed acoustic solutions, gives your system a controlled and rich bottom end (bass), warm midrange and a silky-smooth top end (treble). Acoustic treatment is one of the most powerful ways of ensuring the quality of your sound system is maximised. Many of our clients now have sound systems that deliver a more superior listening experience than most commercial movie theatres.

Connect Multimedia design and install custom solutions for “bad” listening environments. Home theatres, offices, bars and restaurants can all suffer from excess noise reflecting off hard surfaces like, concrete, glass, timber flooring and plasterboard walls and ceilings. By installing absorbent batts or foam in this environment, the sound can often be absorbed. Problem solved.

No two listening rooms are the same. By using computer modelling technology and sound sampling devices we can determine the treatment solutions required. We play a series of sounds through your speakers into the room and record the “response time”. This response time is in reference to the both the time and amplitude of the frequency
Based on these results, we calculate what needs to be removed or added to the room. We custom build devices to absorb frequencies (absorbers), scatter the sound (diffusers) and pull low frequencies out of the room (bass traps).

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