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Home Automation

CMM are Clipsal C-Bus Platinum Partners for Home Automation and Audio Visual integration specialists. We design, supply and install all aspects of both commercial and residential automation projects.


C-Bus Lighting Control

Connect Multimedia are Clipsal C-Bus PointOne automation specialists. We have the highest level of training and expertise. Our team love technology, but understand that systems have to be reliable and above all, easy-to-use.

Motorised Blinds

Using C-Bus, RTi, Somfy or other home automaton systems, CMM can automate each area with one press of a button. Simple!

Some premises we have worked on have 20-30 blinds or more. Providing individual and group control of these can be difficult without the use of a intuitive interface.

Having one button which sets "Scenes" makes commonly used scenarios a breeze. "All Open", "All Closed", "Afternoon Sun" etc. We can also set blinds to schedules tracking Sunrise and Sunset throughout the year.

It's all about control

Having a touchscreen set out in a way where any person can send groups or individual blinds up and down is important. Trying to work out using the supplied remotes which is channel 1, 2,5 and 7 then sending those up and down (because that's what you do every morning) can be confusing and frustrating for most people.

Smart Home Integration

Pictured on the left is are two units in a high end apartment located in Mooloolaba. The both have the same functionality, both the same size and both have the same services. Guess which system is A: better looking and B: easier to use.

On the far left is a C-Bus black and white touchscreen. All services including Security, Intercom, Front door access control, lighting for the entire unit, background music control, heating and air conditioning control.

When leaving the apartment, the owner simply presses the "Going Out" button on the touchscreen. All lighting systematically shuts down leaving a path to the front door, the security system arms, music playing throughout the home is turned off, HVAC is set to either a lower energy consumption level or entirely off and the phone system is set to activate the answering machine.

Multi-room Audio Visual

Imagine having the flexibility of enjoying a good movie or favourite sporting event in any room of your house and controlled from any location, yes we have all experienced the "falling asleep during our favourite show scenario". Well this is possible with the powers of AV distribution.

How it works is Video distribution is all about getting a strong clear video and sound signal regardless of the source, for example; DVD, Austar or TV to all plasma, LED, LCD televisions and projectors within the home. This involves three general functions:

  • Gathering, and if need be creating, the signals in one area;
  • Combining, conditioning, and amplifying the signals;
  • And distributing the signals to their destinations.

Thanks to new high definition TV this is all possible. Analogue TV really is a thing of the past and we are finding that more and more people who are building new homes are opting for the type of technology that will work in the years to come with the new products that become available. The price of the new technology is dropping as more and more products come on to the market.

Energy Consumption

Energy consumption and Sustainable Living appear to be the "hot" topics these days especially with new building regulations coming into effect as of May 1st 2010 with a minimum 6 star energy rating or equivalent. Here are some solutions that we can adopt for our homes.

Home Automation is a fantastic way to cut down your energy consumption without even realising that it is being done. Lights can be set to come on at 80% usage instead of 100% which automatically cuts 20% off the bill. Motion sensors are another great idea as they can be placed in areas, for example stairways, to come on once movement is sensed and after a short period of time to turn off again.

This not only applies to lighting, window covers can be automated to take full advantage of the climate so in winter the blinds are open to capture the sun to warm your house and if you are not at home at the right time they will close automatically to enclose the warmth. This works the other way for the summer months by keeping the sun blocked at the most extreme times.