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Advice is always easy to come by. Valuable, unbiased advice isn’t as common as you might think. Advice on LED vs QLED, whether you need an Ultra High Definition Blu-ray player, or just the Apps built into the TV, do you need an amplifier or speakers? Which is going to sound best for your budget. It can all be very confusing.

Retail stores generally aren’t really looking out for your best interests. As soon as you have decided to pay for the goods, they’re often thinking about their next sale. So, forget about backup service once you leave the store. That’s the modern world we live in and most people want the cheapest price for their equipment. As a result, high turn-over of equipment for the retail stores is the only way they can turn a profit.

Connect Multimedia offer purchasing advice to our clients and we do not collect commission, we simply charge an hourly rate to thoroughly research which system is best for your situation. We know which questions to ask and can guarantee that you’ll be happy with our selection.

We recommend www.cnet.com.au for a list of independent reviews. They often have reviews on the latest models of TVs, Ultra HD DVDs, Speakers and amplifiers. With the Pros and Cons listed, it’s good advice.

See our Blogs below for more information to help you plan which system to buy and what things you should be
thinking about if you decide to put your new system together yourself.

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